Giving credit where credit is due!

I have to give PM narindra modi credit for the leverage he has gained for india on social media axis. Meeting with heads of FB, twitter, etc has isolated Pakistan in social media world, whereas diplomatic channels have being already blocked.
We can’t blame Mark Zuckerberg, he is just a business man, killings, rape of Kashmiris/Palestinians don’t matter to him. We can’t blame Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. They sniff the money and follow it. We can’t blame india, because it is the nature of scorpion to inject venom. We can’t blame the world for not listening, not siding with the oppressed.
We CAN blame the politicians for prostituting themselves. We CAN blame the police of neglecting their duty to protect the citizens and instead polishing the shoes of the politicians. We CAN blame the journalists who have become pressitutes, using their power to blackmail business, politicians, police, their opponents. We CAN blame the judicial system, for becoming more of a circus instead of an arbitrator. We CAN EVEN blame PakArmy for not hanging the political, media, judicial traitors. But should we?
No. It is my view that the first blame we should place on the person who looks back at us in the reflection of the mirror. We HAVE TO blame ourselves for not developing our Khudi. We have to tell the world our story.
As we all know that recently any post glorifying Kashmir Jihad/ Kashmiri Muhadeen are blocked. It could be a algorithm blocking the posts, or the thousands of hindu FB, Twitter,etc. employs.
What we can do is share those posts which are blocked by FB. We have to become the voices of the voiceless, we have to become the hands of the defenceless, we have to become the ears of the hopeful.
We have to share the posts of the people who resist the traitors, challenge the enemy and provide a shoulder to cry on for the oppressed.
If the world does not want to hear our voices, we must MAKE them listen! If the scorpion strikes, we CUT DOWN its tail! If the politicians have prostituted themselves, we SMASH THEIR necks!
Pak Fauj Zindabad!
Pakistan Piandabad!

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