Operating System written entirely in Assembly Language

Recently, while I was searching the internet, I came to the realisation that there are entire Operating Systems (OS) written in Assembly Programming Language. It was news to me, don’t know if you guys already knew about it or not, but it was a very interesting discovery for me. As usual I jumped into exploring the OS. I found three OS which claim that they are entirely written in Assembly namely KolibriOS, MenuetOS and BareMetalOS

KolibriOS is a tiny yet incredibly powerful and fast operating system. This power requires only a few megabyte disk space and 8MB of RAM to run. Kolibri features a rich set of applications that include word processor, image viewer, graphical editor, web browser and well over 30 exciting games. (http://kolibrios.org/en/)

KolibriOS Desktop
KolibriOS Desktop

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