Installing Windows 10 update with Linux in Dual Boot

If you are a licensed user of Windows 7+ or you have activated your Windows by using KMS, by now you will have gotten the ‘Get Windows 10’ notification.

Install Windows 10 dialog
Install Windows 10 dialog

One thing that I did not plan for was the disregard of Microsoft’s update plan for Linux+Windows users. You should also be careful about this. When you start installing Windows 10 the PC will restart and it will not start the installation automatically, it will display an error and show a retry button. Once you restart your PC to fix for Master Boot Record (MBR), Windows 10 will restart its 2,699GB of download, wasting 8-10 hours of bandwidth which was used to download the install files in the first place.

Windows 10 Update download
Windows 10 Update download

So if you have got any other Operating System (Linux, Mac, etc.) installed as Dual Boot, first repair the start-up so that the boot-loader (GRUB, etc) are removed and the Windows Boot Loader is restored.

Dual Boot screenshot
Dual Boot Linux

You restore Master Boot Record (MBR) using the following steps:

  • Boot from Windows 8 USB/DVD, or restart the computer while pressing the [Shift key].

Screenshot (16)

  • If you booted the OS using USB/DVD then at welcome screen choose “Repair Your Computer,” then go to “Troubleshoot,” else directly choose “Troubleshoot,” and then enter a Command Prompt and type the following command:
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
  • Exit the command prompt.
  • Remove USB and restart PC.

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