The Puppet Masters.

Naughty Chapati

tumblr_na03ayxaPs1sho23go1_500It’s almost alarming how powerful some people can be in our lives. It is very near perplexing how one person can ensnare our minds so fully that gradually, intentionally and/or unintentionally, they become the focal point of our daily routines. These people don’t have to be powerful themselves to empower another. They enchant their way to our hearts and very soon we capitulate to their pleasantness and geniality. And thus, we create our own Puppet Masters.
More often than not, we are controlled not by the person themselves, but by their memory; a memory of what was or what we wish it could have been. Our minds are as simple as they are complex. We willingly allow a person to hold such a staggeringly important place in our lives, we hold them on such a high pedestal that it is only a matter of time before something or the other…

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