The Caos Within

When i look around myself now days a scene of absolute chaos greets me. I am simply at a loss to trace the state of affairs which has led to this point. Greed, love of power, disregard for the fellow man. To me it seems like it has all sneaked into the society overnight, but i am wrong because i have a memory system that has been perfected to forget things as soon as the sun of the new day rises, leaving behind a view of the world which is bearable. It seems strange even to me, but it is this reality that allows me to function properly in the world.

It seems like yesterday that i was climbing Nimtree in our back garden on the Basant days to get to the roof of our home (Because my dear mother had locked all the doors to the roof, so that i may not waste all the day chasing kites). Such carefree days have been reduced to being only a memory of the past. Happy memories.

A quote from my favourite book. “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.”

Today my world shatters on daily basis when i find out that the chaos that i see everywhere in the world is just a reflection of the inner light on my retina, not the light from the outside world. I wish that i may sleep today and like the people of the cave described in the Quran, i will also wake up in another century in a time where there is peace and tranquility, away from all the evil of this world. Or i will one day take a fish with me to some distant lake and the point where the fish slips my grasp i will meet Khizr and he will show me, with the permission of Allah, the reality of this chaos that surrounds me.

I smile to myself as i write this; apparently there is no limit to a person’s dreams.


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