American Assets activated against Pakistan

by Zuhayer Tahir

In recent years we have seen first-hand how the information media has been used extensively to change the attitude and the mindset of the people. Whether it be the non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) of Iraq, [18][19] or the Indian crocodile tears regarding the alleged involvement of Pakistan in Samjotha Express terrorism conducted by Indian Intelligence and Government[20][21], or the presence of Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan[22]. These are all recent examples of how the media, both print and electronic, is used in spreading lies and distort the truth.

The same media is active again as Pakistan and United States’ diplomatic relations have reached an all time low. After increased diplomatic pressure from America[1] we are now hearing unconfirmed reports that the current government has decided to hand over[2] Raymond Davis CIA’s ‘ Gun for Hire‘ [3] to the American authorities. This news comes after one of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) spokeswoman ‘Fauzia Wahab’ claimed in recent days that Davis was a diplomat and has diplomatic immunity. [7]

Wahab’s statement came a day before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, John Kerry, arrived in Pakistan[4]. In an attempt to control the damage of the statements made by Wahab, President Asif Ali Zardari’s spokesman Farhatullah Babar on Monday dismissed the statement given by Fauzia Wahab about Raymond Davis, saying that those were her personal view[5]. This, however, is not a isolated incident. ‘The Tribune’ reported that Pakistan’s Ambassador in Washington Hussain Haqqani had been called to the US State Department twice last week to convey to him the possible consequences of not handing Davis over [12] and this was has been cited as one of the reasons that Haqqani returned to Pakistan proposing an “amicable solution”, The News reported [10]. Along with this President Asif Ali Zardari had also asked the Foreign Office in categorical terms that Raymond Davis should be given diplomatic immunity and for this purpose the Foreign Office should immediately issue a backdated letter notifying Raymond as ‘member of staff in US embassy, Islamabad’[6]. To top it all unconfirmed reports also suggested that the Interior Minister Rehman Malik had dispatched a private team of unidentified personnel to arrange a secret release of the American terrorist[14].

American assets in Pakistan are not only restricted to the politicians, but sleeper agents are a also present in the media as well. Some well known names like Hamid Mir and Pervez Hoodbhoy are on the top of the list when we try to identify these sleepers. The interview of Mir where he openly tries to demoralizes the nation regarding North Waziristan by saying, “We have lost this territory” is easily available on the internet. Similarly we also come across Hoodbhoy’s ranting about the insecurity of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and radical take over of Nuclear weapons which seems to be direct quotes from western media and not based on actual ground realities[32]. As soon as some global event occurs these sleepers spring out of the ground as seasonal insects and become the mouthpiece of western propaganda campaign.

It seems that this corrupt regime has decided to sell the nation’s dignity yet again and the media’s role is not helping the matters much. The nation’s hope lies with the courts of Pakistan that they will not let this murderer loose. Analysts like Zaid Hamid have advised the supreme court to invoke its clauses by which it can command the Armed forces to implement its decisions, if this incompetent government does not deliver[15].
The widow, Shumaila, of Mohammad Fahim who was shot dead by US national ‘Davis’ in Lahore, committed suicide after consuming poisonous pills in recent days. Shumaila said in a statement recorded by the doctor and later aired on TV: “I do not expect any justice from this government. That is why I want to kill myself.” [13]. This suicide shows the level of confidence which the people have on this corrupt coalition government.
Justice for the murder victims is not the only reason why the people of Pakistan are demanding capital punishment for Davis’s. According to the Telegraph, Davis had made contact with Taliban-linked extremists in the Pakistan’s tribal region and his phone call records shows clear contact with Lashkar-e-Jhangvi[10] which indicates his connection with the massive terror campaign and suicide bombings in Pakistan. Davis’s espionage activities were reviled as videos and photographs of Jamaat-ud-dawa’s  [16] and many other sensitive military locations were found in his possession[17]. According to information sent to The News from PakNationlists, Raymond Allen Davis (code-name: RAD), is an ‘official’ of the US embassy Islamabad or the US Consulate Lahore, whose record shows experience in the US Military Special Forces, was not actually working within a diplomatic capacity.[11]

The people of Pakistan and other patriotic political parties are infuriated after hearing this news. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s Information Secretary Omar Sarfraz Cheema has strongly condemned Fauzia Wahab’s statement that Raymond Davis enjoys diplomatic immunity. He said the Pakistan Peoples party leader’s statement was aimed at preparing ground for the handing over of Raymond Davis to Washington just to save the looted money and assets of her leaders lying overseas. [8]. Whereas Senior advocate of the Supreme Court Muhammad Ikram Chaudhry on Tuesday demanded initiation of contempt of court proceedings against PPP information secretary Fauzia Wahab for her statement regarding Davis’s alleged immunity[9].

It is said that ‘You Don’t Get What You Deserve, You Get What You Negotiate’. We hope that our government keeps in mind the fact that USA is more dependent on Pakistan than Pakistan is on USA. Roughly 80% of NATO’s supplies bound for Afghanistan move by truck from the Pakistani port of Karachi and so are dependent on Pakistan[30]. The last time when Pakistan stopped these supplies for 7 days the whole American diplomatic posture was changed from US Ambassador to Pakistan, Anne W Patterson[29], to ISAF Commander, US General David H Petraeus[29] to U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates[31] all were begging Pakistan to reopen the Supplies[28].

Whereas Pakistan is not that dependent on America. The majority of Pakistan’s military equipment is Chinese not American. Out of the total combat aircraft that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) currently operates, majority are of Chinese origins which Pakistan will replace with approximately 250-300 JF-17 made in Pakistan with the assistance of China. The second most numerous type of fighter aircraft is the French-designed Dassault Mirage and in the last place come the American F-16’s. Similarly AWACS acquired by PAF are of Swedish and Chinese Origin. This ratio of Weapon systems is not only confined to PAF but to Pakistan Navy (PN) as well. The latest frigate it operates are of Chinese Origin which Pakistan has built on Transfer of Technology Basis [23] and most of the submarines PN uses are French Agosta 70’s[24], Agosta 90B’s[24][24a] and Daphne Class[24] and Pakistan is also in the finalization phase with the German authorities for Type 214 German submarines[25] and with Chinese authorities to purchase more[26].

Our government should not come under pressure regarding America’s threats to stop our aid and they should keep this in mind before making any decisions regarding the future PAK-US relations.



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