In the name of ALLAH Who created human and guided him with HIS LAWS.

Darud o Slam upon Prophet Muhammad (Salallah Waalayhe Wasallam) Who conveyed and taught these laws to humanity.

May Allah be pleased with Sahaba Karam & Khulfa Rashdeen who enforced these laws and created a just and safe welfare society in the world .

“Ya Wakeelo” is name of Allah Subhan Tala

If we look into the history of Law ,we do not see any lawyer in Roman courts,  in Iranian civilizations or in  Monongolian era. It’s only Islam which introduced this name or profession of wakeel ,a lawyer, an attorney or Advocate .If some one can’t express him or herself publicly then he or she can appoint a wakeel on his or her behalf. Wakeel is a very honorable and noble  profession if he pleads only and only truth.

Rule of Law

This term is very common now a days, have you ever thought whose Law is this we are talking about? What kind of rule we experience in Pakistan? Firstly this law was framed by Lord McCauley about 200 years back ,this is too old and our members legislative who are ignorant of law  are not capable to change it. Secondly it was design to keep us slave and the ruling class benefits from this so they  will never change it. The question arises why do we still have this law in  Pakistan which is an Islamic state? (Rule of law means rule of Lord McCauley). Actually there should be Rule of Justice, and you can’t have justice unless we have Law of Allah (Sheriat laws) mind it we are Muslims and we all are answerable to Allah and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) if we do not make our decisions according to Quran & Sunna. Our present judicial system does not provide speedy justice at all, Justice delayed is justice denied. Judges want to provide justice but the legal system is main hurdle .

Masjid Courts

Free and speedy justice at grass root level can be provided through Musjid Courts only. At least 3 Judicial / Courts Officers from young lawyers should be appointed in the Musjid Court under GPS /17. Every 10 Masjid Courts will have one appellant court. Jury consisting on dignitaries of Mahala will decide the case with the consent of Court Officers.

Role of young lawyers in our society

Our young lawyers are the value able assets of our society and they can contribute positively by participating in the administrative affairs of the district , like Zakat &Usher committee ,Market committee,  Price control committee etc. All the police stations should be monitored by at least 5 lawyers to control the corruption . Pakistan is a developing democracy and our legislative assembly is not capable of making new laws. Lot of members have fake degrees therefore  only those lawyers should be members of our legislative Assembly. Lawyers are respectables of the society so they have a right to have Housing society.President Islamic Lawyer MovementMuhammad Zahid Saeed Bhutta Advocate High Court

Source: Islamic Lawyers Movement

Advocate Zahid Saeed Bhutta

Phone: 0300-6501544



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