indians involved in smuggling Depleted Uranium

indians involved in smuggling Depleted Uranium:

NAVI MUMBAI: Highlighting a major breach of security, the Crime Branch seized 5 kg of radioactive depleted uranium from Panvel on Tuesday and arrested three persons. The seized material, black and in the shape of an elongated dome, was identified as depleted uranium by the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in Trombay where it was sent for analysis.

The incident comes in the wake of theft of computers from the Tarapur Atomic Power Station. Depleted uranium is used mainly in industrial cameras and as a cancer shield in hospitals, but reportedly does not pose any radiation threat.


My post on the above article

Who ever wrote this article is highly ignorant. The writer does not know what depleted uranium is REALLY used for or is just trying to save indias face in the world community. Shame on him.

Depleted uranium’s main use is in ANIT-TANK MISSILES, TANK ARMOUR(e.g. M1A2 Abrams tanks), ARMOUR PIERCING BULLETS(7.62 mm, 50 cal., 30 mm, 105 mm, 120 mm, etc..), kinetic energy penetration missiles, radiation shielding, etc..

Depleted uranium is used as a tamper in fission bombs and as a nuclear explosive in hydrogen bombs. It is a potential containment material for a Nuclear shaped charge due to its opacity to X-Rays.

Indian uranium theft misses media eyes

Akhtar Jamal

Islamabad—The arrest of three Indian nationals who successfully stole depleted uranium from Indian nuclear installations and were trying to smuggle that remained off the mainstream Indian and Western media. Only one Indian channel and a less known internet media site reported Tuesday that three suspected uranium smugglers had been arrested by the Navi Mumbai Crime Branch.

According to the reports three Indian men were arrested from Mumbai’s Panvel area on Monday and five kilograms of uranium were recovered.

Indian police said that the recovered items had been sent to the India’s Bhaba Atomic Research Centre (BARC) for analysis.

Indian Police arrested the three persons involved but refused to dissolve their identity or name any of them.

This recent discovery of stolen uranium was third such incident of nuclear-related recurrences in less than a week and has put a question mark on the security of Indian nuclear materials. Early in the week two persons were arrested from the Tarapur Nuclear Power Centre for trying to steal sensitive computer parts. Early last month an incident of radiation leak was reported at the Kaiga Nuclear Power Centre in Karnataka and more than four dozen Indians were hospitalized.

The security lapse in India was reported at a time when India reached a nuclear agreement with Russia and is about to conclude another US-style nuclear cooperation accord with Canada.

Pakistan Observers commenting on the issue said that had it been the case with Pakistan the Indian and Western media would have run the story as Breaking News and several international channels would have used the incident as a lead story.

However, today hardly any international news channel or leading newspaper even reported the Indian incidents.

According to a senior political analyst Ihteshamul Haq “Indians were alleging Pakistan for a very long time that Pakistan had remained involved in nuclear proliferation but the incident of uranium recovered from common man in Maharashtra shows that Indian nuclear security setup is not so strong.

He said “The security lapse can be seen when we talk about Indian uranium issue.

“Pakistan government must take strong stance against the issue and it must take the issue to the international community especially at the platforms of United Nations and European Union,” he demanded.



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