Gen. Kapoor is on wrong side of history: Gen. Hamid Gul

Interview by Azhar Masood

Islamabad—A beaming Lt Gen (Retd) Hamid Gul proudly sitting in his drawing room with a well decorated artifact of a small piece of Berlin Wall, was well prepared to give an interview Pakistan Observer on Indian Chief of Army Staff General Deepak Kapoor’s latest statement ,”Pakistan a state in decline”, He (Hamid Gul) after reading the statement smiled.

Not very quick to respond instantly and maintaining military graces by not using any word which could have caused any disrespect to a fellow general India spoke philosophically. His arguments were well packed with historic precedents.

Q) Gen Hamid Gul are we really a decling or failing state .And what he means by small theatre nuclear war I mean limited nuclear war with Pakistan?

A) Nuclear threat is an empty boast. India’s newly discovered friend in United States will never approve such an adventure. Please read what President Obama told Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

General Deepak Kapoor appears to be standing on the wrong side of history. His perception about Pakistan and Indian history of its diplomacy will answer to him that whatever he had uttered in Pune was a negation of history and failure of Indian foreign policy when the Soviet Union was dismembered and India was supportive of the dying Soviet Union. He may have been a great soldier but his sense of history is appalling. His statement simply reflects that a General who is commanding world’s fourth biggest standing Army is not aware of strong currents and cross currents. His appreciation of regional situation is perhaps not accurate. His statement suggests that his knowledge of regional scenario is pathetic.

Q) How do you view his statement. Is it serious or for the consumption of few regional or global capitals or individuals ?

A) Well I feel his tirade is basically meant to mount kind of psychological influence. In this area too I would say even his perception is far from the ground realities. Its not him who is saying. Its Indian newly cobbled honeymoon with the United States which has perhaps granted extra confidence to Indian Army’s general staff.

Q) He has alleged that there was a rise of terrorists infiltration in India from Pakistan?

A)Whom to believe. Indian Army Chief, Indian Government or global powers. General Kapoor even could not coordinate with other organs of state.

Q) He admits that Pakistan itself is combating terrorism and as a policy was trying to allow terrorists to creep into India ?

A) I have told you General Kapoor is certainly not aware of the regional situation and realities which are being unfolded with the passage of each day. When in 80s Indian Defence planners followed a wrong policy by not realizing the fate of former Soviet Union they are again following a wrong policy .They think with the growing US support to New Delhi they will attain a kind of single regional power status. Its wrong.

His appreciation of regional situation is totally based on incorrect notions. Pakistan’s fulmination growth and round the corner its policies and potential to marginalize ‘so called TTP men who are mercenaries and not real Afghan Taliban is an indicator that Pakistan has the resilience and potential to meet challenges of internal and external threats. I am sorry to say General Kapoor’s dream or desire that Pakistan will disappear from map is totally based on inaccurate evaluations. It is a historic phenomenon that global imperialisism is on the decline .Indian Brahaminism cannot become another regional imperialist factor. The regional powers will not allow this .

Q) What do you mean by Indian Brahamin imperialist designs ?

A) I am telling you the phenomenon of global imperialism is sinking. Apart from ideologies smaller powers are not willing to accept any power to play any kind of hegemonial role.

General Deepak Kapoor does not foresee rapidly changing regional scenario. The US forces have not been able to achieve objectives which were set by Bush Administration in Afghanistan and now President Obama is about to offer an exit time-frame of US forces from Afghanistan. Indian military nurtures an ambition to play the role of regional single super power which time in its maturity will play wrong. After the exit of US forces from Afghanistan it would be India which would not escape the brunt.

I suggest to General Deepak Kapoor to keep his eyes and ears open. He must see stark realities and his thinking is overwhelmed by his desires rather than realities.

He must realize that Pakistan is the one which is saving India from the brunt by facing all the troubles like a road block.

Q) General Hamid Gul what do you mean by events which are being unfolded and what kind of impact they would have over regional powers?

What I foresee unfortunately General Kapoor does not see.

Its an open secret that the Americans have started talking to Afghan Taliban. Obama Administration wants to evolve a strategy for a graceful exit from Afghanistan. This is what Robert Gates has recently stated. Indian military leadership should not close its doors of future knowledge.

When I say while in 80s Indian military leadership could not understand the situation in Afghanistan its present estimation too is not correct. India remained in the lap of Soviet Union when it was dismembered.



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