Funeral of Parade Lane Masjid Martyrs – December 5, 2009

Rawalpindi – December 4, 2009: In a highly tragic incident 36 innocent people including 17 children, 10 civilian, 9 Army personnel embraced shahadat when terrorists attacked a mosque in Parade Lane, Rawalpindi, Saddar today.

Reportedly 4 terrorists approached a mosque inside officers residential colony in Parade Lane, Rawalpindi Saddar and hurled grenades on Namazies followed by indiscriminate firing. Meanwhile two suicide bombers entered the Mosque and blew themselves killing 35 Namazies who were offering Jumma prayers. Security forces personnel in the area responded immediately and 2 other terrorists were killed in exchange of fire.

75 personnel were injured in the same incident. Names of those who embraced shahadat are as under:-

S/No Rank Name
1. Major General Umer Bilal
2. Brigadier Abdul Rauf
3. Lieutenant Colonel Fakhar
4. Lieutenant Colonel Manzoor Saeed
5. Major Zahid
6. Major (Retd) Shoaib
7. Naik Masood
8. Sepoy Abdul Qayyum
9. Sepoy Sarwar
10. Child Bilal Riaz S/O Major General Nasim Riaz
11. Child Ali Hassan S/O Colonel Shabbir
12. Child Hassan S/O Colonel Shukhran
13. Child Sadaul Hassan S/O Lieutenant Colonel Fakhar
14. Child Zamin S/O Engineer Akmal Hussain
15. Child Qaisar Khan S/O Syed Akbar
16. Child Adil Rauf S/O Abdul Raud
17. Child Muhammad Khan S/O Sultan Bakhsh
18. Child Fazal Khan S/O Madad Khan
19. Child Hashim
20. Name not known S/O Brigadier ® Sadiq
21. Name not known S/O Brigadier Mumtaz
22. Name not known S/O Colonel Qaiser
23. Name not known S/O Colonel Kaleem Zubair
24. Name not known S/O Lieutenant Colonel Shoaib
25. Name not known S/O Major Saleem
26. Name not known S/O Major Ahsan
27. Deputy Director NLC Taskeen
28. F/O Major General Awais Mustafa
29. F/O Colonel Kaleem Zubair
30. F/O Lieutenant Colonel Farooq Awan
31. Civilian Kahlid Javed
32. Civilian Ghulam Mujtaba
33. Civilian Javed S/O Ghani Khan
34. Civilian Muhammad Fiaz
35. Civilian Asad
36. Civilian Name not known
—————————————- ———————-

Rawalpindi – December 5, 2009: The Chief of Army Staff (COAS), General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani attended funerals of some of Shaheeds of yesterdays tragic terrorist attack on a Mosque during Juma Prayers, in which officers, soldiers, elders, children and civilians lost their precious lives. He expressed his heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. The Nation, including the Army stands united in sharing their grief. Having met and talked to these families, he praised their exemplary strength of faith at this moment of trial. This intrinsic strength is a true reflection of the indomitable will and resilience of the Pakistani Nation.

The COAS thanked the Nation for their wholehearted support and sympathy at this hour of grief. This spontaneous and overwhelming show of solidarity by the Nation with the Army is a treasure, which we deeply value and cherish.

The COAS stated that Pakistan is our motherland. It is the bastion of Islam. We live and die for the glory of Islam and Pakistan. Our faith, resolve and pride in our religion and in our country is an asset, which is further reinforced after each terrorist incident. Pakistan Army stands committed to defend, protect and preserve Pakistan at all cost.

The COAS concluded by reaffirming his conviction in the will of the Pakistani Nation to fight all odds. He stated that Pakistan Army, with the help of people of Pakistan will Inshallah protect and preserve our core values and interests in a dignified and chivalrous manner.


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