Pakistan Nuclear Assets Are Safe, Take Care of Your’s

People like Seymour M. Herch waste no moment to ridicule the efforts and sacrifice of Pakistan military and Pakistani people in the war against terror, which was started by the Americans, and the primary reason why this war is still going on is that the Americans are failing in Afghanistan and their presence in the region is the trigger for the terrorists to carry out suicide attacks and bomb blasts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The idea which unaware, intellectually-crippled and foolhardy people like Seymour are nursing that the Pakistani nuclear devices could fall into the hands of the militants is as far away from reality as anything could be. It was America who was irresponsible and ruthless by dropping atom bomb on Japan, and just recently their B-52 bomber flew into the air, loaded with nukes without any check. Pakistan knows how to safeguard it’s most cherished asset.

Even then to satisfy the psychologically bankrupt Americans, Pakistan agreed to American proposed Pakistan Counterinsurgency Capability Fund, providing immediate assistance to the Pakistan Army for equipment, training, and “renovation and construction.” There are rumors that there are Americans strike forces in Islamabad and then there is ever-present talk about the Blackwater, Xe and other mercenaries. According to the AfPak strategy by Obama regime, Pakistani forces are penetrating deep inside the Taliban safe heavens and the terrorists are on the run, but the Pakistani civilians are getting blown up in the retaliatory suicide bombings.

And yes all that talk about the mutiny from within Pakistan army is bullshit to say the least. Pakistan army is fighting against the militants for years. They defeated them in Swat and now chasing them fast in South Waziristan. Army did operation in Lal Masjid. Is there any revolt in Pakistan Army so far?

Pakistan army is not like US army, ok? And Mr. Seymour, it would be better for you to not to write columns in hangover condition.



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