Pakistan and the KLB deception

If the bill is accepted in its present form, Pakistan will

1. Effectively be accepting that two major cities Quetta and Muridke are centers of terror as the bill alleges without any real evidence

2. Pakistan will also be accepting that it will entertain possible US requests for access to suspected nuclear proliferators as demanded by US and without stipulating that evidence be produced for such a demand

3. Pakistan will also be allowing Washington to demand reports from Pakistani civilian leaders confirming their control over internal military promotions and appointments. Interestingly, this clause opens the door for more US meddling in Pakistani politics since politicians will be using this clause and Washington’s muscle to reign in the Pakistani military. The clause is a recipe for endless civil-military tensions.

4. Pakistan will also not be in a position to dispute unfounded US and British accusations that seek to shift the blame to Pakistan for failures in Afghanistan.

The above text is taken from: –

The Kerry Lugar Bill in full : –



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