Thori Si Syasat with Ahmad Qureshi – Family of Lt. Faiz Sultan Shaheed


Lieutenant Awan Shaheed laid down his life and embraced shahadat in the line of duty while fighting terrorists from their well-defended position at the top of Zaray Sir in Mohmand Agency on June 11 2009. He was born on Sept 3, 1985. He was the eldest among five brothers and sisters and received his early education from F G Public School, Kharian, and later from Military College, Jhelum. He joined the PMA in 2005 and passed out with flying colours in April 2007. He was commissioned in the elite Bawanja battalion of the Piffer Regiment which is one of the finest infantry battalions of the Pakistan army. He knew very well about the fate of the hazardous operation and he knew that he might have to lay down his life while accomplishing the insurmountable task in the difficult terrain. He left a note in his diary and a telephone message to his mother: “I left home in khaki and will come back in sabz hilali — I have lost nothing but got everything that I desired”. Faiz had packed his backpack with eight additional magazines of ammunition and six hand grenades. He led his men with exemplary courage, eliminating more than 30 battle-hardened and well-trained terrorists before a volley of bullets, including one from a 12.7 calibre heavy machinegun, hit his chest. Faiz embraced shahadat on the spot.

May Allah rest his soul in eternal abode and grant strength to his family members and friends to withstand his untimely departure from this mortal world. Faiz, we are proud of you and we salute your sacrifice and dedication and promise you that we will not let the enemies of your and our motherland succeed in achieving their sinister designs. Long live the martyrs of the Operation Rah-e-Haq.


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