Rasulullah (PBUH) commented; ‘A lady is married for one of four reasons:
wealth; rank; beauty; or piety. One should marry a pious lady and
achieve success’. Bukhari and Muslim

Society has now become so blind and evil inclined that we have
applied our own standards which have no basis in Islam. E.g. An Asian
father knows (in his heart) that in marrying his daughter to a particular
pious boy of poor African origins lies her religious and worldly success,
albeit out of racism and generalising as well as pride and megalomania
he refuses her marriage to him.

Compare this with the behaviour of Amirul Mu’minin Umar Faruq R.A
Who used to travel through Madinah at night to monitor the state of
the Muslims.


On his usual rounds Umar R.A, felt very tired and rested
against the wall of a house; from which he heard the voice of a mother
awakening her daughter and saying, ‘wake up its Fajr time; hurry milk
the animals and pour some water into the milk; so that we may earn
more money for our needs. It is still quite dark outside; quickly pour
some water, nobody will see you!’

The honest young maiden y replied; ‘Mother, do you not remember
what Umar R.A said yesterday in his lecture about deceiving people?’
The mother commented; ‘Get up and pour the water, there is neither
Umar t nor anyone else to see what we are doing!’

The young maiden y replied; ‘But mother, it just is not possible for me
to obey Amirul Muminin R.A when he is present and disobey him behind
his back. Moreover, even if nobody is watching us, Allah I is always
watching us!’

When Umar R.A overheard this conversation, he was so amazed at the
young lady’s piety, that he immediately told his assistant to make a
careful note of the house.

Later that morning, Umar R.A, summoned his slave and asked him to
find out the details of the girl who he had overheard and find out
whether she was married. He returned with news that the mother
and her unmarried daughter were poor members of the Banu Hilal

Hearing this, Umar R.A, summoned his son Asim R.A. and advised; ‘Son,
accept my advice, I know of a girl to whom I shall send a marriage
proposal on your behalf, for she is pious. I have hope that Insha Allah a
pious son will be born from her, who will raise the flag of Islam.’

Asim R.A accepted his father’s suggestion and agreed to him to send a
proposal on his behalf. Umar R.A, invited both mother and daughter
to attend, she was indeed beautiful, both in character and

Umar R.A. addressed her; ‘I acknowledge your pious qualities. I would
consider it a honour if you will accept my son’s marriage proposal and
become my daughter-in-law.’

The girl with the consent of her mother accepted and married Asim R.A.
From this union a daughter who became the mother of the great Umar
bin Abdul-Aziz (R.A.), who was known as the second Umar R.A.


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