Waziristan operation Rah-e-Nejat – (Oct 21,2009 ) Pakistan Army

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“The West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.” – Samuel P. Huntington (author The Clash Of Civilisations)

After securing Malik Shahi, security forces are undertaking clearance operation up to Mizo-Wam. During the operation seven terrorists were killed. Security forces check post has been established at Manzai Kili, West of Mandanna. Security forces are strengthening their positions at area around Spinkai. On Shakai – Ladha Axis security forces have made good progress and cleared Khaisura village linking up with Tiarza fort. During the operation eight terrorists have been killed. Many houses of this village were converted into bunkers. Heavily fortified bunkers with 2 meters thick concrete walls have been discovered. At present security forces are conducting search and clearance operation in Sherwangi and surrounding areas along with consolidation at Wuzi Sar and Gurgura Sar. During exchange of fire one soldier embraced shahadat and three were injured. During search of houses of Uzbeks, converted into bunkers around Sher Wangi, 105 bottles of Liquor were discovered. Arms and ammunition have been recovered during operation Rah-e-Nijat include 27 hand grenades, 4 rockets, 2 ammunition carrying bags, 9 Anti Air Craft guns along with 2007 mortar rounds, 6 rifles, 14 Rocket Launchers considerable number of mortar rounds and 22 Integrated Explosive Devices. In Malakand – Operation Rah-e-Rast, after receiving an intercept regarding a suicide mission, security forces raided a house at Tilligram and killed the potential suicide bomber when he was getting ready for the suicide mission. 2 terrorists voluntarily surrendered to security forces at Tiligram, Tutan Banda. Security forces conducted search operation at Shalpin near Khawazakhela and apprehended 10 suspects. Security forces conducted search operation at Dabsar near Martung and apprehended one terrorist who was later identified as relative of Taliban commander Nazar. Regarding relief activities in Dera Ismael Khan and Tank, 4,735 cash cards have been distributed amongst the IDPs of Waziristan.


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